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What You Should Know About Arthritis Of The Thumb

When people talk of how arthritis is a painful and debilitating problem, usually, they illustrate their point with examples of how arthritis of the wrist or arthritis of the knees can be terrible. And you nod along. Often though, the disease doesn’t have to strike a major joint like that. Doctors, more and more, are getting people coming in for arthritis of the thumb. And it can be a real problem.

Of course, doctors may joke privately about how the only way they can explain arthritis of the thumb is by ascribing it to too much iPhone screen swiping. The problem though, is a real one. And it’s all over the place.

One might imagine that arthritis of a tiny little joint like this will probably not be that serious. They would be wrong. Doing simple things like picking up a key or a pen can be so painful that it can you knock you down with its intensity. That’s how serious arthritis of the thumb can be.

The last line of defense with arthritis of the thumb of course, is surgery. But that’s not ever first on your list of options. The first thing your doctor will do is to put you on a steroidal anti-inflammatory cream to see if there is improvement. A custom-made splint that gives your thumb joint a good bit of rest, comes next. Physical therapy and injections are all options to go through one by one.

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have use of are opposable thumb. It’s important for anything we do. You can’t open a door knob, plug something in or unplug it, use a pair of scissors, unscrew a bottle Or anything without a grippy thumb helping along. It isn’t until you lose use of something like this that you truly realize how every little part of your body has contributed to the fulfilled life that you’ve always taken for granted.

We get arthritis of the thumb the same way that we get arthritis elsewhere. You get bone grinding away on bone. But you get it for a different kind of reason with the thumb. In this joint, the ligaments that keep everything in the joint tight and in position, loosen up and wear away over time. When the joint is no longer held in the correct position by all the ligaments, it begins to move the wrong way. Pretty soon, the cartilage that covers the bones of the joint wears off. Right away, you get inflammation and pain.

When all else fails, your doctor will probably recommend surgery. Thumb surgery for arthritis aims at removing a part of the part of the wrist bone that the claims against the thumb bone. The surgery comes with a pretty encouraging success rate.

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Some functional substances namely, mucopolysaccharides and chondroitins, have been identified in sea cucumbers. It has been seen that people suffering from arthritis and connective tissue disorders, are often devoid of these compounds. As such, sea cucumber-derived chondroitin sulfate can be exploited as a nutraceutical to ease joint-pain and arthritis like disorders. Finding good Golden Sea Cucumber or Jelly Gamat Gold with the best price only at

Aloe Vera: The Secret for Acne Treatment

Before you rush out to the store and spend big bucks on acne treatment, make sure you try one of the oldest and most effective all-natural therapies out there: aloe vera acne treatment. Aloe vera is a plant which contains a natural gel inside the leaves. Aloe vera gel has been used for centuries to treat burns, rashes and other skin irritation.

All you need for aloe vera acne therapy is pure aloe vera gel. The best way to get aloe vera gel is to have an aloe vera plant in your house. Then you can simply break off the leaves and squeeze out the gel that is inside. Alternatively, you can also buy aloe vera gel at health food or natural nutrition stores. Be careful, though. You want to find a product that is pure, 100% aloe vera gel, not mixed with any artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Application of aloe vera acne treatment is really easy. Simply apply the aloe vera gel to your face (or wherever you have acne) after washing. Apply the gel liberally. Many users of aloe vera acne treatment apply the gel right before bed. You can also wash your skin with aloe vera juice and moisturize daily with a product containing aloe vera. The actual pulp of the aloe vera plant also makes an excellent skin cleanser.

You may begin to see results after a few weeks of using aloe vera to treat your acne. Continue the aloe vera acne treatment for sixth months or longer for maximum effect. You will see a reduction in redness and swelling. You should experience fewer breakouts. Also aloe vera treatment will help reduce redness and scars from previous acne. Overall, you will find your skin looking clear, soft and supple.

The best thing about this aloe vera acne approach is that it’s all natural. There are no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin or harm the environment. In fact, if you own your own aloe vera plant, you can avoid buying wasteful packaging which is bad for the environment. Truly, aloe vera acne treatment is quite possibly the most “green” acne remedy around!

Just remember that aloe vera is not a cure for acne. In reality, nothing applied topically can actually cure acne. Aloe vera can treat your acne and take care of your skin. It’s natural and affordable, and best of all – it works!

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