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Carnegie Wave secures $21m loan from CBA

Carnegie Wave Energy has secured a $21 million loan facility with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, providing funds for final commercialisation of zero emission wave electricity.

The first wave energy financing deal in Australia, it will finance the next stage of CETO technology development and commercialisation, as well as provide part of the financing for the Garden Island microgrid project.

The Garden Island project will incorporate the CETO 6 project currently underway with the existing operating desalination plant along with a new additional solar photovoltaic farm, energy storage and a sophisticated control system.

The deal will replace the existing $20 million loan facility with the Australian Government Clean Energy Finance Corporation.


The energy holy grail is within our reach

Of the many challenges facing modern economies in the long aftermath of the global financial crisis, one of the more daunting is that of delivering sustained economic growth within increasingly binding carbon constraints. Decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions is the ‘holy grail’ that citizens increasingly demand, and which political leaders around the world are actively pursuing.

Few economies are as potentially well-positioned as Australia to deliver this elusive nexus. Through a combination of good management and good luck, we came through the financial crisis better than almost any other developed economy.

While economic growth has slowed, political instability has increased. And although the appetite for and capacity to implement economic reforms appears to have diminished, we have a firm foundation for delivering a strong economic future for Australia.

Achieving sustained growth in a carbon-constrained world will require us to sever the link between economic growth and carbon emissions, which has been an almost immutable feature of our economic development. Like most industrialised economies, Australia’s carbon emissions have been dominated by the electricity sector, which has traditionally been reliant on our vast coal (and more recently gas) reserves.

The energy sector continues to operate in an environment of great uncertainty and change. Both climate and energy policy have been riddled with holes after being caught in the political crossfire. There has been a major disconnect between the two.

Carbon pricing schemes are favoured by most economists as the most efficient way of reducing carbon pollution. The Rudd and Gillard governments championed both emissions trading and a carbon tax as climate policy solutions, but complexity turned out to be the Achilles heel of both. Neither of those governments, nor the supporters of those policies, were able to ‘sell’ them to the public.

Instead it was Tony Abbott’s simple pitch of a ‘great big new tax’ which cut through, ultimately damning the Gillard Government’s signature climate reform to the dustbin of history.

The carbon price is survived by an effective yet bruised package of policies including the Renewable Energy Target, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. With five prime ministers in five years, Australia’s climate and energy policies are in need of some major TLC. And the early signs are positive, with a new Prime Minister and Energy Minister, as well as a reinvigorated Environment Minister, who all see the merits and opportunity in this decoupling process.

The UN climate negotiations in Paris at the end of the year are approaching quickly, and the Australian Government recently set a new target of cutting our emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030. About a third of our emissions are produced by the electricity sector alone, but how the energy sector will help to meet our emissions reduction goals is still hazy. Certainly, retiring more of our oldest and dirtiest coal-fired power stations would be a good start.

With massive breakthroughs in the cost and performance of clean energy, most parts of the energy industry now accept that we are moving towards cleaner ways of generating and using electricity and, simultaneously, to a world in which consumers have more power than ever before. Two of our largest energy companies, AGL and Origin Energy, have committed to retiring their coal-fired power plants over the long term.

All credible projections point to an ongoing decline in the cost of renewable energy such as wind and solar power, as it delivers over $40 billion worth of investment and another 15,000 jobs by 2020, and much more beyond that. Our economic growth can continue to be underpinned by low-cost energy as it has in the past: it’s just that an increasing proportion of that energy will be from renewable energy and energy efficiency.

If we get this right, there is a massive economic opportunity for Australia, given our competitive advantage in renewable energy. Our economic growth and our emissions will continue to decouple: we can grow our economy while reducing our emissions. It’s the holy grail that is entirely within Australia’s reach.

Saul Eslake is an economist and Kane Thornton is the chief executive of the Clean Energy Council.


Complete Minor Projects before traveling

We all try to keep our homes in good repair. There is no better time to do this than right before you leave on vacation. When you come back you have more than enough to do recuperating from your trip…how much nicer would to be to come home to a house that doesn’t need anything to be fixed?

There is a great article I found with tips about Home Repairs and Improvements that should be done before traveling. It is worth your time to take a look at.

You should first start with you big items. If you have decided to use a standard cargo container, the best way to pack one is by putting your largest or heaviest items in first. This includes house furniture and appliances. Make sure when packing up furniture, that these items are protected and secured for transportation. The biggest thing to consider during this part of the move is whether it is cheaper to leave this furniture behind. This will reduce stress and hefty storage fees in your new homeland.

Custom sofas By Nyc Upholstery

Custom-made Sofas are Consistently the Perfect Fit

Is one of the most significant hurdles standing between you as well as your desire couch is an unusually sized or awkwardly designed area? You’re not the only one. Without proper preparation, lots of people decide on a couch based entirely on just how it feels and look in the establishment, only to encounter problems when it gets back. We’ve heard everything,.

from broad frameworks that won’t fit with doorways to lengths that extend as well much into the room and even a doorway. As well as the ideal fit isn’t really entirely bodily. An impulse buy might look like it could be the sofa of your dreams- till you realize that it impedes the design of the area you wished to put it in.

That’s why one of the biggest benefits of custom couches is that they need you to prepare ahead and also compare every detail. When you prepare for as well as place a custom sofa correctly,.

you could rest assured that it will flow with both the area and also design of the space from the minute its delivered to your house.

Custom Sofas Supply One-of-a-kind Results that You Pick.

Purchasing a customized sofa can in fact save you both money and time over buying in huge box furniture stores, in addition to providing you higher quality outcomes.

Designing a personalized sofa gives you the capability to pick each specific that goes into making your special piece, including the style of its layout, its precise dimension, the type of products, and other requirements you desire.

This means that you can skip the hours of shopping, looking from one couch to the following, to search for the one you really want.

Personalized couches are the best way to obtain the precise couch you desire. All you need to do is decide exactly what you really want and also compose it down, then allow experienced specialists take it from there. If you should place your new sofa in an odd area, you can see to it that its shapes and size are the right fit. If you can not discover a couch that truly flows with the design of interior decoration in an area, custom sofas make it simple to obtain a sofa that will stress the design and style of the whole room. Every detail, from the color of the material to the means the structure really feels against your skin, is entirely as much as you– all you need to do is ask!

If you have any questions regarding the layout procedure or you have an interest in developing your very own custom sofa, kindly contact us at Nyc Upholstery. With many years of encounter helping both expert designers as well as customers locate the excellent devices and sources utilizing for all of their textile and also equipping needs, we’ll be greater than pleased to help you create exactly the couch you’re trying to find!

House For Rent In Bangalore Without Any Deposit Amount

Rented Apartments in Bangalore with no deposit are hard to get. I have been searching for such a flat or an individual house for rent at Marathalli for long time. I finally found a 1 bhk fully furnished flat for rent in Bangalore without deposit in kundanahalli. Since there was no deposit amount to be paid in advance, the rent amount is bit high.

Ideally an 1 bhk flat in AECS Layout or kundanahalli costs about 12 thousand rupees. But I had to pay 13,500 INR for the same flat. The plus point for me is that I can vacate the place any time i want. You may be wondering that I am stupid, but no actually am not stupid, but I am intelligent. You see the flat I took on rent here is part of 10 storey apartment and it comes with an gym & swimming pool.

In a way I save quite more. How you ask? Well if I want to utilize a gym, then I need to pay 4500 INR for 3 months outside. And similarly for swimming pool I would need to shell out another 3 thousand. So all in all I have to pay close to 7000 INR for 3 months. But here in this flat I need not pay this amount.

This means am saving 7*4=28 k. Yes, 24,000 Rs per year. Moreover I intended to vacate in next 6-7 months as i have got a new job in Mumbai. So this flat has become a positive thing for me. I love the place too. It is very near to my current office and situated near hyper market, a mall where there is Inox movie cinema and a park for relaxation whenever I feel out of air.

You can also get such rented flats or house for rent in Bangalore without any deposit amount. But you need to search a lot and eventually you will find one gem just as I did.

Looking For Quality Electricians in NC?

There are thousands of people who are facing electricity issues in their homes every day. This can of problem could lead to a serious fire or to a potentially dangerous electrical malfunction. This is the main reason why you need to make sure that you can hire the most qualified electrical repair in North Carolina. Your safety and the safety of those you love should only be left in the hands of the most qualified people. Never settle for an electrician that is not qualified and with many years of experience.

Contact Denver NC electrician (B-Right Electrical) to make sure that you are in the safest hands.

V-Guard Stabilizer: Relay type

V-Guard Stabilizer is a relay type voltage stabilizer. This is mostly used for the protection of Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and similar not-so-precise electrical equipments. However, this type of stabilizer is not really a good choice if you are expecting a constant output voltage.

There are two major types of voltage stabilizers widely used across the world. The simplest one is known as static stabilizer, which consists of transformer and electromagnetic relay. The input supply is given to primary winding of transformer and output is obtained from secondary windings. The output voltage is adjusted by adding or subtracting windings of the transformer coil, through switches (or relays). However, output is not accurate in this type. V Guard stabilizer is of this type.

The second type is Servo Stabilizer, which gives precise output. It works on the same principle of transformer. Servo voltage stabilzer boosts the voltage and provides proper output whether the input supply is low or high or even if the input AC voltage fluctuates. The number of windings are added or subtracted through a moving contact on the coil, which is adjusted by a motor.

To prevent failure of air-conditioners, computers, and such electrical gadgets, and to protect it from fluctuating voltage, you must connect them through servo type voltage stabilizers, and not v-guard stabilizer. In case you need help on this topic, you may subscribe at Excell Voltage Stabilizer.

Getting the Best Wardrobe for Your Granny Flat

When it comes to building a granny flat, one of the last fixtures that probably springs to mind is your wardrobe. Yes, it may easily be overlooked as you think about the larger, more important elements in the living room, bathroom or kitchen. But think again, wardrobes, when designed and set up properly, can do more than just storing your dresses and shoes around. They can also complement well with whatever interior design you have in your flat.

Built-in and Standalone Wardrobe

Wardrobes can either come as built-in for customizability, or as stand-alone for easier installation. But regardless of their classification, that empty space inside needs a well-planned layout to fit a larger bulk of your stuff in an organized and convenient fashion.

One layout, for instance, separates longer outfits from the shorter ones. Imagine that waste of space below when only one rod hangs in your wardrobe? So why not add one more rod on the lower half where you can hang your shorts and skirts? That seems a simple solution but with a relatively dramatic effect in saving precious space inside.

Some concepts provide you greater freedom to change the storage arrangement as you like. Storage units built with wires can be attached to the wall and create a personalized wardrobe. It may look less stylish but it sure does give great savings.

Walk-In Wardrobe

Another option that might interest people with large collection of clothes are walk-in wardrobes. This provides bigger room and even greater allowance to allow installation of mirrors, transforming your wardrobe into a dressing room at the same time. Here, you can add more shelves and baskets to tuck in those shoes and unused clothes.

What to Consider

Setting up your wardrobe also needs careful planning to ensure safety and avoid future troubles as a result of faulty installation. For example, electrical outlets, wires and switches must not be covered. But nearby lighting could help illuminate the wardrobe, particularly if it has a deeper space inside. Also ensure that doorknobs or the entry door does not hit the wardrobe when the door opens.

Other considerations include your future plans for your granny flat. Do you wish to keep your flat for your aging grannies or parents? Or would you rather lease them out and earn more? What if a family of four or five children rents the flat? These are just some of the things to keep in mind not just for choosing your wardrobe but also for the rest of the furniture around.

Still unsure about what to set up and what options to take? Call your granny flats perth today.

Who should build granny flats?

As the council laws and regulations for building granny flats perth become more developed and expanded, more and more Australians are able to build granny homes on their lots. Some smart and sly investment property owners and builders are taking these changing laws to their greater advantage. Some to the extent of faking imaginary elderlies living in their homes just so they could have granny homes built for them and then secretly have them rented. Because today practically anyone can build granny homes the great inescapable and ethical debate is …

For whom should granny homes be built?

= The aged people

As we know it, Australia’s population is composed mostly of the elderly and the majority of these elderlies need some looking after and day to day assistance. Options are they either go to nursing homes, if they could afford it, or they move in with their sons or daughters and let a secondary dwelling be built for them. The latter option allows the extended family to have the chance to take care and keep an eye on their aging loved ones.

= The starting out couples

The utmost priority of people who decide to settle down and start a family is finding a home they can call their own. The reality is owning a house in Australia is just too expensive and almost impossible. The sad truth is these couples resort to renting secondary dwellings to have their own little home.

= Families with moving out offsprings

Going to college or moving out can be a bit stressful not only to the young adult but also to Mums and Pops. Come to think of it, it maybe not that easy to let go of your begotten son or daughter and it certainly is not easy to suddenly lead your own life by yourself. So instead of these young adults seeking temporary shelters to dorms or apartments, what most parents do is they build ancillary accommodations for them in their lots. This way the young adult can get all the independent he or she wants and needs but still have the comforts and security of home nearby on the other hand, the parents can save tons in providing allowance, cost of food, transportation and rent.

= Home for staffs

In our daily lives we almost need an extra manpower to assist us with our daily tasks. And it’s convenient to know that we can get this help at a moment’s notice. So for some farmers who have staff that lives out of town, they can opt to provide a temporary shelter to these guys through granny sheds. While for households who have neonates and infants and need nannies by their side almost 24/7, they can offer accommodations to these handy assistants by letting them stay in their lot through granny homes.

It’s disturbing to know that the people who need the most to stay in granny flats are the ones who can hardly afford to get one. The good thing is primary owners who have a true concern for these people can opt to get a loan and build a secondary dwelling for these people. They can contact their nearest home loan innovators so they can avail the best way to have granny flats. They can either use the amount of equity available in their empty lot or they can have a construction loan.