Learning Hebrew sounds intimdating. There are the extra tenses and a brand new alphabet to learn. But if you decide to approach it with a different mindset, maybe making it fun, then it can bring a family together and truly make family time a great experience.

Many grownups relate how some of their fondest memories were of talking around the dinner table and discussing the days events or something big that was coming, like that trip to Grandma’s. It seems to be a disappearing art, the converstation between kids and parents, but making a game out of something like learning an ancient language can open up all kinds of bonding moments.

Watch this short video and pick up a few tips on studying on your own and then create your own list for how to study together as a family. The game, worksheets and flaschards on the Hebrew Lessons Challenge website are a lot of fun and will go a long way to bringing in the fun. http://www.hebrew-lessons.com/hannukah-2014-10-days-to-go/ After you watch this, then head to the homepage (linked on the video page) and join for free!