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I personally am a big fan of Adobe products for designing websites and web applications. If yu want to get an idea of what you cand o - please look at the stellar features I admire most in Adobe Software.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard

Quality designs for print and digital publishing

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard combines industry-leading tools for professional print design and digital publishing. Create in no time stunning images and graphics with innovative painting and drawing tools as well as countless creative effects in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. With Adobe InDesign you design print layouts with sophisticated typography and high quality eBook designs according to current EPUB Standards. Publications for the iPad and other tablets are just as intuitively designed as pages for printing. * Enjoy total creative freedom, quality and precision. Take advantage of optimized routine tasks in the design and production process.

An account of the Digital Publishing Suite required for some features.

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The main reasons to buy Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard

Image editing with Adobe Photoshop

Achieve impressive results with the leading solution for digital image editing. Benefit from maximum creative freedom and precision in the optimization and the compositing of images. Experiment with various special effects and paintbrushes.

Video editing with Photoshop

Make your digital publications more interesting with video clips. Perform video and still images together quickly. Add transitions, audio as well as pan, zoom and other effects.

Scalable vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful program for web designers.

Create high quality vector graphics for logos, illustration, advertising, packaging, signage, etc. With precise drawing tools and expressive natural brushes for painting techniques created outstanding designs.

Professional layouts with Adobe InDesign

Precise control over typography and built-in tools for creative effects, and an intuitive environment simplify the design, review and implementation of high-quality layouts.

Tablet publications with InDesign

InDesign lets you create diverse content for the iPad and other tablets. Add interactive elements added, such as pan and zoom effects, slideshows, audio and video. Publish the results using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite *.

More performance with new operating systems

Take advantage of the full power of current Windows and Mac OS platforms. Photoshop and Illustrator now offer native support for 64-bit systems. So you can implement your creative ideas faster.

Visual File Management

In Adobe Bridge, you can see thumbnails instead of file names. This makes it easier to search for specific files. In Photoshop, and InDesign is available for media management practical Adobe Mini Bridge.

Integration with other Adobe tools, and services

Authoring eBooks with InDesign

Develop fascinating books with elegant typography and images that are automatically adapted to the available screen size. Tie a HTML5-based video and audio clips. And get the comprehensive support for the EPUB3 format. **

Powerful preflight checks

InDesign and Adobe Acrobat X Pro offer useful options, check the files prior to the issue of possible problem areas.

Efficient delivery of accessible documents

Apply. InDesign rules for accessible content to, for example, for the tab and reading order Check, correct and validate then accessible Adobe PDF documents with Acrobat X Pro.

Comprehensive PDF functionality

With Acrobat X Pro, layouts can distribute reliable. Create simple PDF documents. Or keep information together in a single PDF Portfolio with layouts, drawings, images, video, audio and other files.

Take advantage of integration with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

More info on Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard

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